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This web site is an attempt to list and categorize the postcards issued by the St. Louis Cardinals. This site is limited to those postcards that were distributed since 1949.

I would like to think that these lists are both complete and accurate, but there are differences of opinion concerning what should and should not constitute a different variety. Everyone seems to agree that a new photo, union label or signature should be listed as a different card. The rub comes when there are cropping differences. The more thorough collectors want all cropping differences regardless how small. Others want only differences that are easily noticed.

I have attempted to list all known varieties including minute cropping differences. I have also listed all cards that are thought to have been issued each year even if a card was identical to one issued earlier. There is, of course some disagreement on this issue. Many collectors choose to collect by player rather than by year. In this way they are able to avoid duplication.

It should be noted that with the exception of the "Cardinals Introduce" cards the Cardinals immediately withdrew the card of any player who was traded or sent to the minors. Additionally, in the early days the cards were mailed out at the specific request of fans. Often a fan would request a card of his favorite player. As a result many more cards exist for the more popular players and the cards of short lived or less well know players can be relatively scarce.

It is my hope that the confusion surrounding these postcards will be diminished by the existance of this web site. I have listed only cards that are KNOWN to exist. If anyone has additional information about these cards or feels that they are listed incorrectly is invited to contact me. I will update the site where necessary.

All cards measure 3¼ x 5½ inches unless otherwise noted.


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